Making the Most of Your RV Repair Shop Trip

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Although we all look forward to camping season, some things must be done to prepare.  Before we can sit back and relax the warm summer days regular maintenance to our RV is essential for a successful season.  If you find yourself in the local RV repair shop looking for camper parts in Massachusetts, be sure […]

Where To Travel Next Summer

There’s no time like the winter to start planning for the summer. Summer is the prime time to go with your family in your camper. It provides great weather and plenty of time to enjoy your family with no set destination in mind. However, there are always those few places that are on a bucket […]

Caring for Your RV

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Anyone who owns a vehicle knows maintenance is so important. This holds especially true for vehicles with a bit of extra baggage or accessories, like an RV. Despite how much people rely on their RVs, caring for them doesn’t have to be such a monumental task. The following are a few tips Timbuktu RV has […]

Why Choose Timbuktu RV?

When it comes to owning an RV, knowing where to go for quality service is important. Keeping up with vehicle health and finding a place you can trust with your vehicle will only benefit you as the days go on. We at Timbuktu RV are sure our RV repair service will keep you happy, and […]

Common RV maintenance mishaps

Owning an RV can help you and your family enjoy your summers. You have a home away from home as you travel across the country in something that is your own. It is important however that you consider regular RV Repair in order to maintain the longevity of your RV. Maintaining your RV can be […]

RV Maintenance

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Keeping up with your RV is just as important as keeping up with the requirements on your car. Though you may not use it as regularly as you would your car it is important that you keep up with maintenance so you can try to avoid costly RV Repair that could have been avoided. There […]

How to Choose the RV for You?

There are so many options today when it comes to camper consignment. Knowing when you are ready to purchase an RV can be a big step in making your summers a huge adventure. The best part about getting a camper or an RV is that you can go anywhere and do anything without leaving the […]