How to Choose the RV for You?

There are so many options today when it comes to camper consignment. Knowing when you are ready to purchase an RV can be a big step in making your summers a huge adventure. The best part about getting a camper or an RV is that you can go anywhere and do anything without leaving the comfort of your second home. While thinking up what you want in an RV can be easy, when you come to Timbucktu to choose your RV or camper, we can help you.

There is no one kind of camper or motorhome out there. They come in different classes for many of them and then different styles. Having an idea on what you want before you come in to look, can help you feel less overwhelmed when you start looking. There are motorhomes, travel trailer, pop up campers and truck campers. The most common of these is the motor home.

Motorhomes are the most popular form of camper. Typically associsted with RVs, these campers come in three difference classes. The largest in Class A to the smallest in Class C.

  • Class A Motorhomes
    • Largest motorhomes
    • Bus conversions
    • Being built on a bus frame these have more space and more “luxury” than the smaller versions.
  • Class B Motorhomes
    • Smallest
    • Built on van chassis
    • This one is the smallest form but it is able to accommodate all of the basic luxuries that the class A motor home has
  • Class C Motorhomes
    • Also called Mini-motorhomes
    • Can be used as long as class A living wise as they have all of the same amenities as the class A
    • Built on a Van chassis like Class B motorhomes
    • Extended section over the cab and contains an extra bed for more sleeping arrangements.

Motorhomes though they are the most popular may not fit your needs however. That is where the travel trailers come in. Travel trailers is a wide variety that includes fifth wheels and popup campers. This pretty much covers anything that can be towed by a pick up or a car depending on the size.

  • Travel trailers
    • Large trailers towed completely behind the tow vehicle
    • Typically used with pickup trucks and have amenities of a Motorhome.
  • Fifth wheels
    • These have a “Goose neck” front section that extends over the bed of the pickup truck
    • It is hooked to the center of the truck bed and can only be used on flatbed trucks
  • Truck campers
    • Slides into the bed of the pickup truck
  • Pop up trailers
    • Folding camping trailers that are made to be lightweight
    • Convenience of basic travel can be pulled by a car

With all this information on campers, you can begin your journey into camper consignment. Remember that each of these types of campers have different uses for many individuals. If you want a long vacation, invest in a motorhome, weekend trips, a popup trailer will work just fine. In the end it is all up to you and what you find at Timbucktu.