Why Choose Timbuktu RV?

When it comes to owning an RV, knowing where to go for quality service is important. Keeping up with vehicle health and finding a place you can trust with your vehicle will only benefit you as the days go on. We at Timbuktu RV are sure our RV repair service will keep you happy, and that we are a place you should visit when you require RV care. Why us? See below!

1.) Experience

Our staff knows how to work with motorhomes, and we all have over 25 years of experience in the industry. We are happy to offer insight and tips to make your RV last, and our vast experience translates to excellent customer service and efficient repairs.

2.) A Wide Range of Services

Consider Timbuktu RV your one-stop shop for all things motorhome-related. We offer plenty of RV repair service, from routine roof repairs to more involved issues like generator work. Whatever your motorhome needs, you can count on us to resolve the issue at hand.

3.) We Offer Parts

Sometimes, you do not need an involved repair, and you just need spare parts to keep a vehicle running. Not to worry! Timbuktu RV has an impressive showroom full of replacement parts and accessories for a variety of purposes. You will definitely be satisfied with our selection.

4.) Fair Pricing

We understand how important budget is to every customer. Our services will do the job without breaking the bank. We care for our customers, and will never offer repairs that are too expensive.

5.) Solutions Built for You

Every vehicle has different needs. Timbuktu RV will work extensively with you to create a custom solution for your RV. We are open to your suggestions and will find the ideal solution for your motorhome.

If you require RV repair service, look no further than Timbuktu RV. We are happy to be of service, so please give us a call at (508)-459-1132 for more information about our company and offerings.