Common RV Preventative Maintenance Tips

Owning an RV is an excellent way for you and your family to create life long memories with one another. In your home away from home, traveling across the country together is an incomparable experience. However, scheduling routine maintenance is just as important.  Not only can save you money on RV repair in Massachusetts, but you’ll also secure the longevity of your RV. Maintaining your RV is easy in comparison to many other items. In this article, we’re highlighting just a few preventative maintenance tips provided by FMCA.


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Check and add air when the temperatures are hot

When you’re traveling it is common that you check your tires after they have heated up due to the nature of driving. This happens all the time just due to the nature of checking tires. When you go to check your tires it is important that you check them when they are cold preferably. This is best when you travel less that one mile, this is best for keeping your tires relatively cool. You want to check when your tires are cool because heated air will expand  and give you a false reading for how much hair is actually in your tires.


Mindful charging

On average, 85% of lead acid batteries in the US die before they should. This is because there’s usually a common issue of overcharging the battery. When you overcharge the battery, or have it with a constant charge, it can cause damage to the battery itself. Thus, leading to water loss and plate corrosion. These are avoidable by removing the battery when it’s not in use.


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Inspect for water damage

Water damage is one of the main issues leading to RV repair in Massachusetts. Inspecting for water concerns with the rood and body seams are excellent starting points. Internal water damage can cause the roof, floor, or even the inner wall to rot.


Routine safety checks

Safety checks are important with any vehicle, specifically with your RV. Smoke, CO, and LP leak detectors are key to keeping your family safe, just like in your home. Another critical item to inspect is your fire extinguisher, along with ensuring batteries are fully functioning. 


Maintaining the water system

Draining the entire water system routinely is an essential task. This includes the water heater, low point water drains, and fresh water holding tank. By overlooking this step, you may be facing the beginning stages of a stale order. 


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RV repair in Massachusetts is easy when you consider these simple tips. Keep your summer memories happy and not about RV repair.  Contact our team today for assistance with everything RV! (508) 459-1132.