Avoid Stress With These Spare Camper Parts

camper parts


Camping season is underway, and this year, more than ever before, people are excited! From seasonal campsites to RV road trips, getting out of the house to new scenery is way overdue. Once you are finally out, the last thing you’ll want is the stress of dealing with unexpected maintenance that dampens the camping spirit. With these spare camper parts, you can save yourself money, time, and stress and focus on your getaway.




Possibly one of the most essential creature comforts of a camper involves a functioning gas regulator. If you’ve never heard of it – you don’t want to find out what this part is when it fails. Controlling the gas pressure and your nice warm shower, this component can undoubtedly dampen the day if broken.




Often, campers are surprised at the pressure that a campground provides. Although this may seem fantastic, there’s a recommended level to avoid damaging your RV. To control the pressure, one must always have a functioning water pressure regulator.




Along the same line, all water flowing into your camper needs to be filtered. As with any filtering mechanism, these items have a shelf-life. Don’t be stuck without access to usable flowing water, always have a spare water filter.




Unless you’re a seasonal camper, knowing what to expect with electric supply can be a guessing game. It’s always better to be safe than sorry, and a surge protector will help keep your electrical system safe.




Even with a surge protector, fuses in campers are known to blow. However, having an extra supply of fuses along with a travel tool kit will keep you prepared for the unexpected.




Even paved campgrounds can be unlevel. Having electrical lifting jacks and stabilizers is a sure way to make setup an easy process.




For under $20, every camper should be equipped with pipe cement and electrical tape. These two items will provide you with peace of mind and time if an unexpected leak occurs.



Having these inexpensive camper parts and accessories can save you time, money, and stress during the camping season. For the best prices and most extensive selection in the Worcester area, visit us at Timbucktu RV Center. With over 20,000 RV parts and accessories, we have what you need to keep your trip on track.