3 Things to Know When RVing With Your Pets

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As the region’s number one shop of RV consignment, our team at Timbucktu RV has seen and heard it all. From broken parts to dream destinations, the stories are broad and travels endless. With all of our experience, there are often a few areas that we hear about more than not. For example, traveling with pets and what people wish they thought of (or knew) beforehand.

So, for this article, we’re providing you with first-hand insight into RVing with your fur babies.  


Do your research

Possibly the most common frustration among pet owners comes from a lack of research. Although you love pets, not everyone does, and not every place is willing to take them in. While the majority of locations welcome well-behaved dogs with open arms, many won’t.

If you’re looking at campgrounds, be sure to research the pet policy first. If you’re equipped for off-road camping, even better as those limitations are generally non-existent! Not only do you have less worry, but your pet will have more freedom.


Hiking? Research some more

Although it may seem odd to many of us that pets are not welcome in certain outdoor areas, it’s a fact. This fact especially holds true in many of the county’s National Parks. While the great outdoors seems like it should be fair game to all, the rules are in place to protect the natural habitation.

Be sure to check out the guidelines and rules for every National and State Park along your journey. You don’t want Fido left behind!


Be prepared

One of the worst scenarios you could face is being unprepared for your pet’s needs. Before hitting the road, be sure you not only have enough food but also enough supplies. Collapsible water bowls, harnesses, and weather protectants are a must not matter where the journey may be.


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At Timbucktu RV, we’re only the best RV consignment shop, we’re pet lovers! For all of your RV needs, visit us today and know that your family’s safe journey is our priority!


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