3 Camper Repair Tips You Should Consider Before Winter Strikes

Winter is coming, but is your camper ready to battle those wintery weather conditions? Now is the time to find out before you find yourself stuck in a nasty situation. At Timbucktu RV, we have everything that you could need to get the job done quickly and easily so you can spend more time on the road and avoid unnecessary camper repair. 


But before you do that, consider these top camper repairs that you should consider before taking on the road.


Number 1: Check Your Pipe System

A busted pipe is the quickest and easiest way to ruin a great trip. It is also one of the fastest ways to destroy the condition of your RV. If you are planning on traveling somewhere that goes to below-freezing temperatures, you should get the condition of your pipes checked to prevent them from freezing and cracking. Simply drain all water from your water and plumbing tanks and flush with antifreeze.


Number 2: Make Sure That You Have Reliable Tires

Having a reliable set of tires is one of the key elements to driving safely during the winter months for any vehicle. Find the tire size that is right for your RV, and make sure to choose a trustworthy brand. Next, you want to choose between snow tires or ice tires, depending on where you see the road taking you. You can also get a set of tire chains for those extra snowy conditions. This way, you can avoid messy collisions so that you do not have to worry about waiting hours for a tow truck. 

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Number 3: Stay Warm

You can also prepare yourself and your RV by winter-proofing it from the inside. Line your RV with insulation or solar blankets to keep yourself warm even in the most frightful of conditions. You might also want to cover or replace your windows with a thermal window curtain. To ensure that you are genuinely blocking out the cold, line the windows and doors with caulk or sealant just as a caution that they are weather tight. 


Camper Repair at Timbucktu 

For additional information on how to stay safe and warm on the road this winter, contact our team. Timbucktu RV has been servicing Massachusetts for over a decade and has a team with over 30 years of experience with handling RVs. We offer fast and quick camper repair and solving it before you decide where the adventure will bring you to next.