Where To Travel Next Summer

There’s no time like the winter to start planning for the summer. Summer is the prime time to go with your family in your camper. It provides great weather and plenty of time to enjoy your family with no set destination in mind. However, there are always those few places that are on a bucket list to make sure that your family hits when you make a road trip across the country. Once you take care of any camper repair in Massachusetts, it is time to head out to see the sights that you will remember and mark off of your list.


The views

Shipwreck Coast, Michigan

Running along the shores of Lake Superior, Shipwreck Coast is how it sounds: a place with lots of ships that have found their untimely demise. This route heads to Whitefish Point, the spot with more ships than anywhere else on the lake. Enjoy the scenery and learn some history while you drive along the way of the Shipwreck Coast.

The Aleutian Islands and the Marine Highway, Alaska

Starting at Kodiak Island, you can enjoy the scenic views of Alaska and the Aleutian Islands. These islands are perfect places to experience some unusual events like the Renaissance Festival and Solstice Celebration. Risk driving the rocky coastline of the Aleutian chain with active volcanoes and see the Sitka Spruce Park. Take in the summer in Alaska, where the sun never sets.

Florida Keys Scenic Highway, Florida

Take advantage of the beauty of the Atlantic Coastline. Once you’ve taken care of camper repair in Massachusetts follow Route 1, which will take you all the way to Maine, enjoy what Florida has to offer and the views from Key Largo to Key West. See where two bodies of water meet and enjoy the ocean and the heat.


The campgrounds

South Padre Island, Texas

With the beaches and the Gulf of Mexico right there, South Padre Island is the best place to go to get your vacationing on in the South. Should you be traveling to the coast, or to the canyon, swing by this island campground with three locations for you to park your RV and enjoy the Gulf the way it was supposed to be.

Horse Thief Lake, South Dakota

Located in behind Mount Rushmore, you can get a little bit of history while you are here. With the campground located on the lake and run by The Forest Service, you can go a little bit farther for more RV spots to Horse Thief Campground and RV Resort that has a pool and a few more necessities. It is a perfect place to take your kids.

Camp Gulf, Florida

Just outside of Pensacola, Florida this campground brings you near the Gulf of Mexico and Choctawhatchee Bay. With cabins and RV spots, you can park your family for some beach-friendly fun. Between swimming in the ocean and camp activities, this family vacation will be something for the books.


Enjoying a family vacation in your RV doesn’t need to be complicated. All you need to do is make sure your camper repair in Massachusetts are complete then plan your route. With a safe camper and a plan, your summer will be plenty of fun. Contact Timbucktu RV or visit them online.