Pet Safety 101—RV Edition

RV partsWe take care of our camper repair and ourselves when we drive on a long road trip from home to grandma’s house, or wherever your destination turns out to be. Many RV owners are also pet owners. According to Vet Street, about 61% will travel with their pets during the summer. Of that 61%, 90% of that number will bring Fido versus the remaining people that will bring their cats. It is amazing to be able to bring your pets along with you, but remember that their safety is also a priority. It is easy to forget that while your RV feels like home, you are driving. Your pets need to be safely secured and taken care of at all times.


Safety belts are a must

You would not let your child roam around without their seat belt on. Why would you not secure your pet also? While many animals enjoy being on the dash or sticking their head out the window, it is best that you consider the safer alternatives while you are driving. Many times, the easiest way to do this is with a secured crate or a pet safety belt that will help keep them stable and comfortable while you are moving. You don’t want your pets to wander too much. Still, you can secure them so that they can move a bit. They need to be in a cool place and never in a camper on their own. Keep your pet with you. They are family, after all!

Manage the temperature

Your pets are susceptible to temperatures in an RV. You should stay with your pet as much as possible. If you do go to dinner or somewhere the pet isn’t allowed, it is important to consider ways to help keep them comfortable. With generators and AC, you can maintain a temperature that is comfortable for them. It is important, however, that you consider all of the issues that could happen such as power outages. Some RVs come with temperature sensors, which could let you know if the temperature gets too extreme for the pet. Also, you could look into a device that will monitor the temperature and turn the generator on and off for the temperature.


When it comes to your pet, it is essential that you make sure that they have their ID tag on their collar. It is easy for a dog in an unknown place to dart away and get lost. Having the identification on the pet will help those that find them to call you since it is the first place that many will look for a pet’s owner’s information. Ensuring that your pet has a microchip is key to ensuring that your pet is taken care of as well. Keeping the information up to date is important, and all it needs is a swipe from the vet. Always try to prevent escaping, however. Make sure you leash your pet up and use barriers to keep it inside the RV with the door open.


When it comes to bringing out furry friends with us on our vacations, it is important that we consider everything your pet needs, including ensuring that you have all you need for them. Your pets love to be with you, so make sure that it is safe for them and enjoy your vacation.