Tips For First-time RVers

So you have decided to do something a little different for your family’s vacation this year. While you may typically rent a hotel or camp with a tent, you have chosen to invest in an RV and take the road trip you have always wanted. Whether you rent your first RV or have gone all in and bought it, there are many things that first-time RVers don’t realize are important when it comes to RVing, as Nerds Eye View points out. Even if you think that camping is simple, and you will be able to handle it, there are still a lot of things to consider when you use an RV – like if you need RV repair service and other considerations.


RV repair


While campers with tents tend to make their way into a campground without reservations fairly quickly, there are usually limited spots for RVs. These places are essential because many spots will have drainage for your RV and cater to the size of certain RVs. So, it is important that you call you destination (even if the trip is just for a night) so you can ensure that you have the spot set aside for you. Reserving a space will give you plenty of room and a place to rest.

Consider Size

What are the roads that you plan on going down? If you are looking for open roads, the size of your RV may not clash with the size that you have or are choosing to rent. However, if you are going to be doing a lot of scenic routes where there are smaller roads that are curvy, you will need something smaller to fit accordingly – or you may need an RV repair service! Consider where you plan on going and the courses you are taking when it comes to the size of your RV.

Bring a car

While you may drive the RV for the most of the trip, you want to have a car or some way to get around when you get to the campground. For the price of gas and the ease of going around town, you want to have your car with you. Whether you tow your vehicle or have another driver drive it, it is wise to have a few more emergency items that did not make it to your RV. You want to ensure that you can get to town without too much of an issue. RVs are complicated to maneuver in cities and parking is tight with a big RV, so bear this easy remedy in mind.

Plan your journey

When it comes to RVing, it is important to plan your trip down to the gas stops. You want to ensure that you make it to your destination in one piece. That means that you need to know where to stop to stock up on food, get gas, get RV repair service if you need it, and rest in every state you hit. Plus, you need to know where campgrounds are. Plan the days and where you are going to get to by a certain time and book your reservation. Know how much money you will need for everything, and have a contingency fund, because you never know what you are going to run into on the road.


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