Living in an RV Year-Round

RV repair serviceLiving in an RV throughout the year is a big decision that takes a lot of prep work. Once you decide to do this, the first step is to find your perfect RV. The best type of RV for year-round living, especially around New England, is any RV with an arctic package choice. That package ensures you have a well-insulated RV that will be comfortable through the winter and the summer. The first step seems easy enough. However, there are a few more considerations, including RV repair service, that you need to take care of before you prepare for year-round living.



Get organized

Once you find your vehicle, it is important for you to make sure you have everything ready to go. The organization will make it so much easier. It will also ensure that you have everything taken care of, but is the hardest part about making the switch. The process will include plenty of different steps. The first of which would be to know what is going to happen to your mail and your bills. You will need to get a P.O. box or have someone in the family gather your mail for you. For invoices, it is a good idea to consider looking into online payment methods rather than paper, so you have access everywhere you go.


Consider your budget

Another part of getting organized is figuring out your budget. Look into what have saved for emergencies and any RV repair service. Then, consider how much the overhaul will cost you. You will need to know gas prices and take in consideration that they could spike at any moment, as well as understand the expenses of campgrounds and electricity if you stay on one site for an extended time. You should also consider what to do for work. If you are self-employed, you will typically have no issues when it comes to figuring out how to make things work. For traditional work, some RVs will allow you to help on the campground while you camp there as a job opportunity. Sometimes, it is better to start off part-time then move to full-time. Still, consider all of the needs and options.


Settling your home

The last part of organizing your trip would be to figure out what you will do if you own a home. You can either sell it or rent it out. Renting gives you the option to return to regular life if the RV life isn’t right for you. Also consider your car, which will be useful to get from place to place when you are parked.



The good thing about living in an RV is that you can go anywhere and enjoy the outdoors, not to mention that it is pet-friendly as well. However, you will need to consider gas money, the chance of theft, data plans, and if you are willing to sacrifice space and luxury for the freedom to move. Should this sound like the way you want to go, get started on your future today. Talk to us at Timbuktu RV to learn more and schedule RV repair service.