Driving Tips For Class A Motorhomes

camper consignmentOnce you decide to purchase your class A motorhome from your local camper consignment shop, it is time to do a once-over of the vehicle. While you had given it a good look over before you bought your camper, once it gets home you will be able to properly explore, expand, and see what spaces will be useful for different things. It is also important that while you test the machine. Once you get out onto the open road, things are a little different. Just like with other vehicles, various aspects of the journey will mean you will need different patients and preparation when it comes to your trip. RV Roadtrips has a pretty concise list of how to prep you for your first journey beyond the parking lot with your Class A Motorhome, and it requires a lot of individual practice.



Adjust your seat and Mirrors

The idea that you need to comfortable for you to drive correctly is a good tip when it comes to your RV. You also need to be familiar with the blind spots of the car. See if there is a way to adjust the wheel, the seat cushion, the back of the chair, then slide it forward, back, and any other way. It will allow you to see the most you can.

Rearview mirrors are ultimately useless when it comes to an RV, so you will need the side mirrors to help you. Many will have the fisheye side mirrors to help you see what is around you more clearly when switching lanes, but you need to be comfortable with what you can see from them as well. Don’t be afraid to invest in rear view mirrors from a camper consignment shop.


Stay in your lanes like a pro

When it comes to driving down the highway, staying in the lines can be daunting. Remember an RV is the biggest thing on the road beside semi-trucks. While you drive down the street with passengers, rather than focus a car length ahead of you and try to figure out which lane you are in, look farther down the freeway. The further you look down the road, the more you will be able to focus on the center of the lane. Remember, however, that you need to adjust for semis just like with a car as they can pull you into it.


Practice, Practice, Practice

As with anything once you own it, your best bet is to practice every chance you get. Work in an empty parking lot with turning, parking, and especially parking and backing in when needed. Start off slow with what you can do and remember that you need to be able to build confidence. It is like trying to learn how to drive all over again, and once you are comfortable, you will be able to buzz down the highway.



Buying an RV from a camper consignment shop is a significant commitment, and once you have one, you will need to practice. Many RVs can drive smoothly like a car, so relax and get comfortable. Learn your RV, and you will soon be able to take your family anywhere.