Is Your RV Ready For A Road Trip?

You’ve mapped out a destination, gathered those who are traveling with you, and have designated pit stops. Your road trip is ready to start! Still, have you thought about the mechanics and state of your RV? It’s vital that you get everything in order and talk to Timbucktu RV about RV repair before your vehicle falls apart on the road. So, you may ask, how can you stay prepared?

RV repair

Go For A Test Drive

Before you go for a long trip, you need to see how your vehicle can handle driving, period. Go for a shorter drive and get a real feel for your RV and see if it needs any repair work. If you notice something is “off,” don’t hesitate to give us a call!

Upgrade If Necessary

Stock parts may perform necessary functions, but it’s vital that they go beyond just doing what they do. They need to offer precise and powerful performance. Installing new parts can make a huge difference. If particular parts of your vehicle aren’t up to snuff, you should get RV repair work done and get new parts installed for maximum performance. Timbucktu has a varied selection!

Fill Up The Tank

Sure, this is road tripping 101. Still, it’s essential to get the fuel your RV needs into it before a long drive. A road trip is an excellent catalyst for scheduling an oil check or other items that ensure your oil and gas are running well enough.


Preparing for a road trip is always fun and exciting, but it’s easy to get lost in the planning stages and forget about the details. Make sure you call Timbucktu RV for any of your RV needs, from RV repair to replacement parts. Give us a call at (508)-459-1132 and see what we can do for you today!