Common RV Repairs and Their Costs

rv repairsWhen it comes to owning an RV, just like owning a car, you will have a maintenance and repair schedule. Maintaining your RV could postpone the need for RV repairs. There are a lot of common repairs that many RV owners face. While each is different, it is important that you consider the cost of repairs. Since many of these repairs are universal and necessary, it is beneficial to know the average costs.


Refrigerator replacement

Having a refrigerator in your RV is a convenience that many individuals enjoy.  Your home away from home keeps you enjoying family meals without breaking the bank. The common RV repairs for the refrigerator vary depending on the size of the unit. A fridge in a pop-up will be smaller than a 5th wheel or travel trailer.  Even then, you may have a smaller version or a full sized refrigerator.

Average cost: $600-$3,500


Air Conditioning Units

During the hot summer days and nights, the AC becomes a necessity to many.  Annual maintenance of the unit is imperative to keep it running correctly.  Units should be checked both inside and out for cracks, bends and, leaks.  Proper amperage depends on the unit size.  Underpowering can cause the AC unit to work harder than necessary resulting in breakdown.

Average cost: $600-$3,500


Fresh Water System

Your water system ensures that you can shower, wash your dishes, and prepare food. You need to make sure that your blue tank is in excellent condition at all times to avoid calcium build-up. That means draining when required, keeping mold away, and ensuring that the tank is not leaking.

Average Cost: $200-$900


Waste System

The ability to remove the waste and store it in your black tank is essential. The tank needs to be emptied and cleaned regularly to avoid build-up. The last thing you want to worry about down the highway is a faulty black tank. Remember always to check both water tanks so that you can maintain and repair them when required.

Average Cost: $400-$3,400


Slide-Out Rooms

The slide-outs are another part of your motorhome or RV that need addressing. Since these rooms have moving parts, they are more likely to risk wear and tear before some of the other parts. Regular attention to seals and mechanical mechanisms will keep your camping season at its max.

Average Cost: $500-$1,700


These are just a few of many areas that need regular maintenance to keep your RV in tip-top shape.  The added expense of RV repairs can put a burden on anyone’s summer! For dependable service in diagnosing any RV problems, call the experts at Timbucktu RV Center today (508) 459-1132.