Organization Hacks For Your RV

Everyone could use a little organization in their lives. This is especially true when you’re working with limited space, like an RV. Often, when you visit an RV consignment retailer searching for the perfect RV, space is always a consideration. Whether it’s kitchen storage or room for the kids, small spaces can become even smaller quickly.  However, with a little advice from, and a little creative maneuvering, your RV and be the getaway you’ve always envisioned.

Hide Your Trash Can

Often in small kitchen areas, we find ourselves tripping over the trash can.  Although storing the bin in a cabinet space is a popular option, it will utilize valuable space.  However, installation of an over the cabinet door device can provide the solution you’re looking for.  Not only will your trash be hidden from plain sight, but your cabinet will be open for storage of other items.

Add Lightweight Kitchen Shelvingrv consignment

Most RVs provide two to four shelving units within the kitchen for storage of dishware and food.  The inside of these shelves is most likely divided in half.  If the space at hand is not quite enough, we have the answer you need.  With a quick trip to any local store, lightweight shelving can be purchased and installed with ease.  Simply remove the existing divider and create a multi-layer space that allows for the storage of more items.

Invest in Storage Containers

Now we’re not talking about the big bulky containers, that would defeat the purpose! We’re talking about small, airtight, food storage containers.  With the use of containers in your food pantry, you’ll be able to toss away bulky container boxes, creating space that would have otherwise been wasted.

Got File Organizers?

Many home offices have extra accessories hanging around looking for a way to be utilized.  If you have any metal office organizers, your RV could put them to good use! A perfect way to store “junk drawer” items, flashlights, lighters, trash bags, etc. will all have an organized home to reside.

rv repairs massachusettsBathroom Counters

One of the smallest areas in an RV is typically the bathroom.  Now, if you’re a large family, this becomes a problem.  However, with the use of old PVC piping, you can organize a cluttered space.  By cutting the piping and hanging it on the wall, your family will now have the ideal spot to store their toothbrushes.


At Timbuktu RV, your premier RV consignment retailer and repair shop, we love taking care of our customers! We hope you found this article handy and that it allows you to free up some space this summer.  For more resources on RV care, visit us online, or give us a call at (508) 459-1132.