Most Asked Questions about Winterizing Your Camper

With the colder air upon us, the summer camping season is quickly coming to a close in New England. Although there’s a month or so left, now is the time to start planning for winterizing. By allowing yourself ample time to close up, you’ll have more time to purchase any needed camper parts. At Timbuktu RV, we have what you need to get the job done right. Although we’re happy to help with start to finish process, we thought it’d be helpful to share with you some of the most common questions we receive regarding winterizing.

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Do I really need to winterize my camper?

Yes! Although some newer campers are equip with a built-in flushing component, others require a bit more elbow grease. Either way, winterizing ensures that your plumbing system is protected from the freezing temperatures ahead. Think of it as your main home; we remove and drain hose lines to avoid freezing. It’s the same concept with your camper. Frozen lines can lead to costly damage in the Spring when the thaw cycle occurs.


Can I pay someone to winterize my camper professionally?

Of course. However, depending on who you choose to do the job, you could be spending a couple of hundred dollars. Whereas doing it yourself should cost under $100.


How much antifreeze am I going to need?

Typically two to three gallons of antifreeze should get the job done. When purchasing, look for non-toxic RV antifreeze as you will be running this through all of the drains in your camper. The antifreeze will then be stored in your holding tanks. However, it’s imperative to be sure your tanks are empty before beginning this process.


How do I flush out the antifreeze in the Spring?

One of the easiest ways is to run fresh water through your camper’s plumbing system. Open all faucets and wait for the water to run clear. Expect to run the water for a bit of time as you want to be one hundred percent certain the lines are clean.


What camper parts do I need to complete winterizing correctly?

We recommend having a by-pass kit, antifreeze pumps, pump converter kits, and blow-out plus. However, you can also purchase a complete winterizing kit and have all the camper parts you need handy.


For more information or assistant on winterizing your camper, contact the team at Timbuktu RV. Serving Massachusetts for nearly a decade, we have the camper parts and expertise to get your summer home adequately secured. Stop by today or contact us at (508) 459-1132.