Why You Should Go To The Springfield RV Show

camper consignmentIf you’re passionate about RV’ing, there’s one place you should go on February 16th. The Springfield RV Camping and Outdoor Show, located in Springfield, Massachusetts. It has a lot to offer for camper consignment and outdoor enthusiasts alike. Timbucktu RV is happy to announce that Paul Faucher will be representing Cabin Bright LED Lighting and have a booth (#AO13) at the show.  He looks forward to meeting each one of you. If you need some incentive, look at what they have available.

  • Space to explore

The Springfield RV Show is not a small affair. Vendors and patrons alike will have over 270,000 square feet to explore and find the best gear for their campers or outdoor activities. The chances are that you’ll have plenty of room to see what you need, explore new options, and make friends. There’s so much to explore that it’s no wonder the show requires four days to unfurl!

  • Variety

When you come to Springfield for this show, you don’t have to have a single type of object to shop for in mind. There are over 200 vendors in the space alone, so you’ll find a lot of merchandise. The vendors offer camping accessories, RV parts, and other outdoor items that are sure to make any outdoor enthusiast happy. It’s a quality one-stop shop for camper consignment.

  • Make new friends

In a 270,000 foot space, there’s no doubt you’re going to run into someone who shares your appreciation for the great outdoors. They may even have a similar personality to yours! Take the weekend and make it an opportunity to gain friends and relationships that just may last a lifetime. It’s always fun to work with people who share your interests and are as enthusiastic about camper consignment as you are.

  • Educational seminars and entertainment

While we all like to fashion ourselves as experts, unless you have plenty of experience, there’s always more to learn. The Springfield RV Camping and Outdoor Show staff are hosting a variety of seminars with topics ranging from camping with your dog to what to put in your RV during spring. There’s plenty to learn and experience with the workshops and live entertainment.

The Springfield RV Camping and Outdoor Show is an excellent opportunity for RV enthusiasts and outdoor hobbyists alike to get new gear and indulge in their favorite hobbies. Say hello to Paul while you’re there OR give Timbucktu RV a call at (508)-459-1132 for any parts or service you need.