Winter Camping? Common Issues and What to Do About Them

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Even though the regular camping season has come to a close for many people, winter camping keeps several more going. Across the country, there are numerous sites to be seen and enjoyed as the snow covers the ground. From Acadia National Park, Maine to Mt. Hood National Forest, Oregon, the locations and adventures are aplenty. However, it’s imperative to make any camper repairs and preparations before the cold air settles in for the season. This article covers a few of the most common wintertime RV issues and what you can do about them.


Frozen pipes

Just like your home, the pipes in your RV can freeze with cooler temperatures. With several different antifreeze options on the market, the choice can sometimes be overwhelming. Although it’s a personal preference, products like Camco Heating System Antifreeze provide special corrosion inhibitors while keeping your RV warm.

However, it’s always best to consult with a professional to be sure your RV doesn’t require a bypass kit or other elements. Items such as these are imperative to keep the antifreeze from entering your water drinking source.


Frozen drinking hoses

Like pipes, your drinking water hose is also susceptible to freezing. The best way to avoid this is by purchasing a heated drinking hose specifically made for cold temperature camping. Strong enough to prevent leaks, these hoses will keep your drinking supply aplenty without any strange aftertastes or odors.


Improper insulation

We all know that person that “never gets cold.” However, in the coldest of temperatures, they’ll get chilled to the bone without the proper insulation. If your RV tends to get a bit drafty, you may want to consider purchasing insulated skirting. This element will help to enclose the heat around the wheel wells where the majority tends to escape. However, we must caution campers that anytime you add insulation to your RV; it’s CRUCIAL to avoid any exhaust vents. By blocking these vents, you’re putting yourself and others at risk for carbon monoxide poisoning.



If you and you’re family are planning on winter camping this year, stop into Timbuktu RV Center. Our team of experienced experts can assist with any needed camper repairs or additions to properly prepare you for your travels. Visit us today at 1048 Southbridge Street in Worcester, MA. Happy and safe travels!