Things Worth Having In An RV

RV repairWe have talked about cool accessories that you may want to have put on your RV the next time you bring it in for RV repair. There are plenty of other things, however, that you should constantly think about having in your RV at all times. These things are useful when it comes to any vehicle that you will use to travel. Trusted Choice is an insurance agency that recommends these things for traveling on the open road with your RV. If you have these go-to items in your RV, you will be able to conquer everything.

Roadside Card

It is important that you are a member of a company that offers roadside assistance and helps you find a place to get RV repair. When the car breaks down, or you need a lift, you may not always be able to rely on tow trucks. As a member of these clubs, you will be able to handle anything that you may come across on your cross country journey.

Folding Tables and Chairs

This way, you do not get stuck in the cramped RV. While many RVs are relatively spacious, it is always good to have the folding table and chairs so that you can be outside near the grill and enjoy the fresh air or get out of the small spaces that make your family tensions rise. The good thing is that they are relatively small when they fold up and leave a small footprint in the RV while being very useful.

Brass Y Valve

Expand the use of water spigot in the campsite. The spigots usually only have one outshoot, which is great, but when it comes to washing hands and other needs, you tend to need more valves than one. The Brass Y valve will allow multiple people to wash their hands and speed up the cleaning process at the end of the day.

An Exceptional Vaccuum

We aren’t necessarily talking a shop vac, but something that is powerful enough – you will be tracking in dirt, mud, bugs, sand, and twigs. Anything from the outside will be coming into your RV, so it is important that you have a vacuum that will pick something up. However, when it comes to shopping for it, something like a slim machine will be best just due to its size. It is important that you have enough power in a small device.

Portable Dehumidifier

When the storms come in and then the heat, you are bound to have some humidity in your RV. Having a portable dehumidifier will help significantly when these days come. While it may not seem important now, your lungs will thank you, especially if you have family members with asthma.

When it comes to small gauges in you RV, there are the accessories, and there are the necessities. These few items can count as necessities over accessories and save your camping trip and your sanity. For everything else you need and top-notch RV repair, call Timbucktu RV at (508)-459-1132 and see what we can do for you today!