Necessary MA Trailer Repairs Before Driving

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When you’re getting ready to haul your trailer this season, it’s essential to make sure everything is in the right place and in excellent condition. The last thing you want on the road is going wrong! Trailer repairs in MA are easy to manage when you have Timbuktu RV ready to help. We sell parts for many different trailer repairs such as car trailers, horse trailers, boat trailers, enclosed trailers, and more! Here are some MA trailer repairs to make before you hit the road.


Preventative Maintenance


Keep it clean

Preventing rust is a sure-fire way to ensure the trailer will last a long time without the chassis wearing away. For example, if your trailer is muddy or was pulled on salty roads, it’s a good idea to wash the trailer with detergent and water. Be careful if you have a pressure washer though, it can strip the finish of the paint.



There are a lot of moving parts on trailers. Therefore, you must keep them from creating friction which can lead to wear and tear over time. For wheel bearings, only use an automotive-rated lubricant. White lithium grease is excellent if you’re greasing a trailer’s gate hinges or doors.



The last thing you want on the road is a flat trailer tire. Before you start pulling, it’s a good idea to check the tire pressure. Also, keep an eye on the tire wear. Depending on where the tire is wearing, it can mean your tires could be over or under-inflated. This can create weak spots and cause a tire blowout at high speeds.


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Trailer Repairs for MA Professionals



DIY trailer brake repair can be dangerous. Depending on the trailer usage, the brakes should be serviced at least once or twice a year. They can be either hydraulic or electric and can corrode and wear over time. Make sure they are inspected before every trip to make sure they are ready for the road!


Breakaway Switches

Every trailer is responsible for maintenance on the breakaway switch. For safe travels, many trailers must have a breakaway system just in case the trailer detaches from the vehicle pulling it. If you notice something is broken, it’s imperative that you have professional MA trailer repairs done.


Timbuktu RV Parts for Trailer Repairs in MA


Whether you’re looking for parts for trailer repairs in MA or need service on your RV, Timbuktu RV has your back. We have a team of experienced professionals ready to help you solve your problems.

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