3 Signs You May Need Camper Repair

You did it. You made one of the best decisions of your life. You purchased a camper! With endless journeys at the tip of your fingers, investing in a lifetime of adventure is always an excellent choice. However, like owning a vehicle, camper repair will be an inevitable part of the journey.

At Timbucktu RV Center, our experienced team is here to ensure your next adventure is a success. Offering a full range of RV repair services, it begins with knowing the signs. Here, we are providing you with three things that are telltale signs that it is time to give Timbucktu a call!


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The season is upon you, but you haven’t scheduled service.

Not to repeat ourselves, but, like your vehicle, your camper requires routine maintenance as well. Delaying your service a week or two can quickly turn into a month or an entire season. Not only is this a dangerous disservice to your beloved RV, but also to yourself and your family.

Routine maintenance (at least once a year) helps to find or identify potential problems before they become significant, costly ones. So, not only will you be enjoying your adventures with total peace of mind, but you’ll also save yourself some money by giving your professionals a call early in the season!


You’re having an unintended strobe light party.

Flickering lights, both interior and exterior, are a sign that there’s a problem. However, this problem could be something as simple as a drained battery or pinched electrical wire. Either way, having a professional diagnose the issue is the best way to determine the cause and remedy the situation.


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It’s raining, inside your camper.

While this may seem an obvious one, many people that ignore leaks. However, even the smallest, slowest roof drip demands immediate attention. Roof repairs are affordable when addressed early on! No matter what the culprit is, you can be confident that issues will get worse and quickly by ignoring a leak.


At Timbucktu RV Center, our professionals will diagnose and quickly remedy any concerns. Offering full-service solutions to various camper repair needs, you can have peace of mind that you’ll be back on the road in no time at all.


Contact our professionals today to schedule your appointment by calling (508) 459-1132. Don’t let camper repairs ruin your adventure!