Common RV maintenance mishaps

Owning an RV can help you and your family enjoy your summers. You have a home away from home as you travel across the country in something that is your own. It is important however that you consider regular RV Repair in order to maintain the longevity of your RV. Maintaining your RV can be easy in comparison to many other items so long as you know what you should need. Making sure that you have everything that you need is easy so long as you follow these avoid some of these mishaps from FMCA.

Checking and adding air when the tires are hot

When you start traveling it is common that you check your tires after they have heated up due to the nature of driving. This happens all the time just due to the nature of checking tires. When you go to check your tires it is important that you check them when they are cold preferably. This is best when you travel less that one mile, this is best for keeping your tires relatively cool. You want to check when your tires are cool because heated air will expand  and give you a false reading for how much hair is actually in your tires.

Neglecting to check the water level in batteries

This is common in both RVs and in cars. On average 85% of lead acid batteries in the US die before they should. This is because for many individuals there is usually a common issue of overcharging the battery. When you overcharge the battery, or have it with a constant charge it can cause damage to the battery itself, usually leading to water loss and plate corrosion. These are avoidable by removing your battery if it is being unused for a time.

Not performing pre-departure checks

With your RV it is important that you do a final walk around of the vehicle. This is so that you can check and see if there is any damage. You want to remember to just check out the vehicle so that you are aware of what could potentially go wrong.

Not inspecting for water damage

Water damage is one of the main issues that we witness when we help with RV repairs. That is why you need to remember to check for water damage. This can be done by inspecting the rood and body seams for anywhere that water could be leaking in. Internal water damage can cause the roof, floor or even the inner wall to rot away before you even know it.

Not performing routine safety checks

Safety checks are important with any vehicle, specifically with your RV. Smoke, CO and LP leak detectors are key to keeping your family safe, just like in your home. You also want to inspect your fire extinguisher and make sure it will still work. Also make sure that batteries that are not removed from certain appliance are not corroded and still work.

Maintain the water system

Making sure that you drain the entire system. This includes the water heater, low point water drains and fresh water holding tank. If you do not fully drain the system between uses, stale orders can start.

RV Repair can be easy if you remember that these simple tips are the few things that you should remember to do. While it is easy to forget some of the easier parts of the RV repair, you need to remember all of the important tasks so that you can save money and keep your RV running for all of your family vacations.